Chinese Films to Be Screened at Rwandan Film Festival

The opening of the 13th edition of Rwanda Film Festival was held Friday evening in Kigali, where China, as a guest country, will present five films on the screens.

"Known as Hillywood, Rwanda Film Festival has established itself as the country's most important cultural event. It's an effort to explore the dynamism of the Rwandan society, to celebrate its diversity and rich culture," said Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda Rao Hongwei.

Since Rwanda is evolving artistically and experiencing a creative revolution, China is more than happy to join Rwanda in the mission to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art cinema in Rwanda, said Rao.

This year has witnessed some highlights in China-Rwanda cultural links, the ambassador said, adding that the Chinese films screening during the festival will be an important part of bilateral cultural agenda.

This year's festival, under the theme of "Frontiers", will showcase films from Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

At the opening, James Vuningoma, executive secretary of Rwanda Academy of Languages and Culture, also hailed bilateral cultural exchanges.

"This is a great event that brings together Rwandan film enthusiasts to learn the Chinese culture through films, history and language. We hope the Chinese films that will showcased during the festival will enlighten Rwandan filmmakers to improve the quality of their films," he said.

Eric Kabera, founder of the film festival, said films are a powerful tool that can help shape everything from a business mindset to social, political and cultural consciousness of a nation.

"We are grateful for the Chinese government to be part of this colorful and educative initiative," the festival founder said.