Chinese Businesses Donate for Madagascar’s Fight Against Plague

The association of Chinese traders and entrepreneurs in Madagascar (ACECMA) made a financial donation on Friday evening for Madagascar's fight against a deadly plague.

"On the occasion of this ceremony, I announce on behalf of ACECMA association to donate 50 million ariary (about 16,667 U.S. dollars) to Madagascar's government for the control of plague and the fight against the spread of plague," ACECMA President Cai Guowei said at an event marking ACECMA's 10th anniversary.

"Chinese citizens in Madagascar attach great importance to the welfare of Malagasy people and to the charity towards the Malagasy people," Chinese Ambassador to Madagascar Yang Xiaorong said in her speech.

"This donation from the ACECMA proves once again the goodwill of the Chinese nationals to fight the plague together with Madagascar," Yang said.

The ambassador added that the Chinese government also attaches great importance to its relationship with Madagascar and made efforts to help Madagascar to pass this difficult moment.

China on Thursday handed over a package of medical supplies worth 220,000 U.S dollars to Madagascar for it to fight the plague that has killed 57 people in the past three months.

For his part, Madagascar's Prime Minister Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana said that "Madagascar shares the same values, the same sense of solidarity with China."

"Madagascar needs China for its economic recovery and I am sure that China also needs Madagascar," said the prime minister.

"May this win-win spirit between Madagascar and China will know again unimaginable development in the near future," said the prime minister.

From Xinhua