Chinese ceramic art class in Cairo

Egyptian artists are learning China's ceramic techniques at a workshop in Cairo.

A Chinese artist and many Egyptian artists are making ceramic works at the workshop that aims to promote Chinese art among Egyptians to enhance cultural links.

They have been using plaster molds, boards and paper templates of fish and other shapes and designs during a 14-day event organized by the Chinese Cultural Center and held at the Foustat Traditional Crafts Center in Cairo.

Chinese ceramic artist Li Hongliang, who had given nine classes of 11 at the workshop, says the Egyptian artists responded well and some were qualified to join world competitions in ceramic art.

"I hope to maintain further interaction and communication with Egyptian ceramic artists through this workshop that cement ties between the Chinese and the Egyptian peoples as two nations of great ancient civilizations," Li says.

Ebtisam Zaki, an amateur artist in her late 50s, says when she heard about the workshop, she was so interested to join because she lived in China for a while and was fascinated by Chinese art, especially pottery and ceramic works.

"I have seen in China a lot of old and modern ceramic works with blue and white as (the) main colors and they really looked like our Islamic ceramic art, which shows the close resemblance between our two cultures," Zaki says.

Ancient pottery is seen in the antiquities of both civilizations in their different stages, indicating the originality and uniqueness of pottery art and artists in the two cultures throughout history.

Ahmed Eid, a ceramic artist attending the workshop, calls the project an important step in cultural interaction and people-to-people exchange. Art also deepens mutual respect.

"Cooperation between Egypt and China is as old as history, as they exchanged their strong cultural heritage through the ancient Silk Road that connected China with the Arab world including Egypt," Eid says, adding he hopes more such joint workshops will be held in the future.


From Chinadaily