LNCU Held The 4th Mutual Selection Meeting of University-Enterprises Cooperation

On June 30th, LNCU held the 4th mutual selection meeting of university-enterprises cooperation. 30 well-known companies attended this meeting, such as, UNI QLO, WANG YI, Tencent and so on. Till now, such meeting has been held four times in total, which aims to provide more opportunities for LNCU graduates.
In order to foster the graduates in their favor, the enterprises at the meeting have invited famous experts to initiate the graduates into the related industries and knowledge. In addition, these companies have also provided scholarship (RMB10, 000 to RMB 50,000) for undergraduate students to cultivate and absorb talents. Hence, these joint training graduates are of more competitiveness. This Joint Training Plan aims to foster excellent talents who are required by enterprises through the combination of practice and theory. It focuses on graduates’ capability of study instead of skills. Meanwhile, during the meeting, these companies have provided various job opportunities to graduates from different majors, such as media, design, animation, and marketing. It has formed a win-win situation: graduates have multiple choices and companies aspire to compete for excellent graduates. For example, Yiming Wang, a graduate from the major of Animation, obtained an internship offer with RMB 2,000 to RMB 3,000.
The university-enterprises cooperation with LNCU characteristics has made a great contribution to the rapid development of cultural industry in Liaoning, to promoting innovation-driven development and to rejuvenating northeast China and other old industrial bases.