IEC Teaching Mobilization Meeting in Fall Semester 2019

time:2019-09-10    view:

In the fall semester of 2019, International Education College is facing new challenges and making efforts to meet the new semester. In order to better carry out the teaching work and further strengthen the teaching management, IEC held a teaching mobilization meeting on the afternoon of August 29th, 2019.
At the meeting, Vice President Xu Ying made a mobilization speech on the teaching work in the new semester. She stressed that the school has always attached great importance to the teaching work of the IEC. Good teaching quality is the solid foundation and strong backing for the recruitment work. IEC will continue to grow in size in the future. She hopes and believes that the future of the IEC will be better and better through the unremitting perseverance of everybody.
At the meeting, Director Baojin Liu gave guidance on the overall teaching work. Pei Tian explained the new term's teaching schedule, the students situation of each major and some other teaching work.
Finally, Danwei Xu, the head of the IEC made a concluding statement. He introduced the work of IEC in foreign exchange and cooperation, as well as the future direction and objectives. He emphasized the importance of teaching management and student management , which ensure the stability and health of IEC.